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  • Smart and sophisticated, our Escapa Cape jacket would look great over any outfit style. Made from luxurious nida fabric, the piece features cape-style sleeves and a full satin-style lining. A unique long length that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit no matter what the occasion is. Made of luxurious high-quality materials and...

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    Comfortable classic round neckline and no-cuff, wide sleeve style butterfly abaya. The perfect subtle, yet elegant piece for any occasion. Adorned with black-on-black floral embroidery to add a little something extra. Ideal for the Summer season, Hajj & Umrah.

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    A contemporary vibe is portrayed on a seemingly traditional butterfly abaya style. Featuring satin trim detailing sewn in the seam along the shoulders, from neckline to the snug jersey cuffs.  The sleeves are tapered in more so than other farasha styles for everyday practicality, ease of walking and pairing with a shoulder strap bag. This is your go-to...

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