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  • Pleated Countessa
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    Pleats Please - our pleated fabric lends a wonderful sense of fluidity to this pleasingly rich black abaya. The top bodice has a slender silhouette with a snug inner rope tassel belt. Style it simply to keep the focus on the full skirt of pleats and voluminous bell sleeves. 

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    The Sweet countess abaya is simply elegant yet in a classic & sophisticated versatile design. Made and designed by Abayas Boutique. In a simple yet elegant umbrella shape. Has small zip fastening in the shoulder and an elegant round neckline. This is an essential for everyday wear but also can be glammed up for occasions. Perfect for Ramadan, Umrah...

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    Perfect for Ramadan and Hajj/Umrah pilgrims. Lower prices for our loyal customers but no compromise on quality or craftsmanship. The Nobel countess is simply elegant graceful abaya. Made and designed by Abayas Boutique. in a simple yet elegant umbrella shape and has a tie back belt feature.

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