BLUE Lady Velvet Empress Abaya

£ 64.99

  • 52"
  • 54"
  • 56"
  • 58"
  • 60"

CompositionsLuxury Korean Nida
StylesKnife Pleats
PropertiesFull Skirt, Mandarin Collar & Kimono Sleeves
Hijab styleMatching Chiffon Wrap Hijab
Type of FasteningDiscreet Zip


A REFRESHING addition to my (predominantly-IF-NOT-ALL-black) abaya collection. the blue colour is so crisp and the floaty pleats are light- I expected them to be heavy- and super comfortable for my day to day workings! I can definitely see myself living in this DELIGHTFUL abaya. not to mention the scarf is PERFECT, I can actually wear it -it just looks so put together, together! SATISFIED WITH MY PURCHASE 100%

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BLUE Lady Velvet Empress Abaya

BLUE Lady Velvet Empress Abaya