In order to ensure that your garment will fit you perfectly follow these simple steps:

Compare the measurements you are interested in either measure yourself (not very accurate or measure your Abayahs which is more accurate). As every ready made garments has its own slightly unique measurements so be sure to check your sizes against what you’re purchasing.

To ensure your garment will fit you perfectly and we don’t have to send you wrong sizes.

Follow these simple steps:

 Take the measurements listed below.

 Either, measure your body, it is better to have someone else do it. But then you have to add the provision e.g. add at least 6” around bust and waist or even more accurately measure your own best fitting Abayah.

 Lay it flat taking the 3 main measurements shown in our diagram, to obtain bust size multiply by 2 and add more for modesty.

Then compare them to Islamic Libas Abayas your interested in buying.

There are three main measurements:

1- Length of Abayah – length either:

·        From the bottom of the back of your neck and straight down your back.

·        Or from the front of neck line/top of rib cage oesophagus, straight down your    front- To the length you would like your garment to reach. Remember your      height and lengths don’t determine size your width does.

2- Width of Abayah-

·        measure across under arms around fullest part of bust

·        Or when measuring your garment, measure under arms across the width to other underarm. For example: If you are a 34 bust then add 6’or more for comfort =40” right round so measurement number is half 40 =20” across this would be a small in chart. See picture...

3- Sleeve length-

 Measure from the top of your shoulder joint straight down your arm until the desired length below your wrist. Add extra for movement and comfort.

Please contact us if you require more advice or assistance insha'Allah